Anna Boldina’s city above the clouds

Anna Boldina's city above the clouds Winner of Blueprint and the Royal Academy’s Paper City competition Anna Boldina created a city made up of artificial hills...

‘Line objects 1’ by Ben Kafton

Line objects 1 by Ben Kafton Screen printed with white ink on 80# French black speckletone stock paper, 24 x 36 inches / 61 x...

Telework Center by Blaine Brownell

'Telework Center' by Blaine Brownell Nagoya, Japan The Telework Center unites and condenses the multiple programs required to conduct international business by an increasingly itinerant workforce....

‘The Collapsible House’ by Alice Labourel

'The Collapsible House' by Alice Labourel Alice Labourel 2012 Ink on Paper.

Surface Topology Experiment by Bryan Cantley

Surface Topology Experiment by Bryan Cantley Form-uLA Dimension LAboratory, 2010 Follow Bryan Cantley’s work on instagram @bcantl3y 

New York by Louis Lozowick

New York by Louis Lozowick New York by Louis Lozowick, 1925 Lithograph, 11 9/16 × 9 in. (29.4 × 22.9 cm)

‘Central California History Museum’ by Perry Kulper

'Central California History Museum' by Perry Kulper Longitudinal Section Drawing, 2010 Drawing size: 24” x 36” Materials: mylar, graphite, found imagery, transfer letters + transfer film,...

Floating Architectures by Fabio Barilari

Floating Architectures by Fabio Barilari Fabio Barilari Architetti Pen on paper, 21 x 30

Inhabiting the Quake by Lebbeus Woods

'Inhabiting the Quake' by Lebbeus Woods Quake City, from San Francisco: Inhabiting the Quake, 1995 Architectural drawing, Graphite, and pastel on paper /// 14 1/2 in. x 23...

Canal House by George Ranalli

'Canal House' by George Ranalli, 1979 George Ranalli Architect Colour pencil, 11 3/4” (41.9 x 29.8 cm)

City by the Sea by Frank Lloyd Wright

'City by the Sea' by Frank Lloyd Wright Presentation drawing “City by the Sea” mural (south wall), Midway Gardens, 1914 City by the Sea was originally painted...

Doctor Dee’s Trunks by Neil Spiller

Doctor Dee's Trunks by Neil Spiller Neil Spiller 2004 Doctor Dee's Trunks (Miniature Pataphysical Laboratory), Interior Plan, 2004