The Brave Drawn World of Sergei Tchoban

In St. Petersburg, where I grew up and first began to observe my environment with the eyes of an architect, the foundation of my impressions of space and form is established. I draw my inspiration as an architect and artist from this foundation. — Sergei Tchoban

Stadtsequenzen, watercolour, sepia-ink, coloured pencil, 15x39cm, 2002

Sergei Tchoban (born 9 October in 1962) is a Russian and German Architect working in various cities in Europe and the Russian Federation.

‘Exhibition Spaces’ by S. Tchoban // watercolour, pen, sepia-ink, 36x36cm, 1999

He is a member of the Association of German Architects (BDA), the Union of Architects of Russia and the Union of Artists of Russia, academician of the Moscow branch of the International Academy of Architecture and honorary academician of the Russian Academy of Arts, the recipient of architectural awards and a participant in various architectural exhibitions.

‘Tagebuch Blatt 4’ by S. Tchoban // watercolour, sepia-ink, ink pen, coloured pencil, 28x39cm, 2002

Sergei Tchoban studied at the Intermediate Art School of the Art Academy of Russia (1974-80), qualification as artist and art teacher, architectural studies in the faculty of the Art Academy of Russia (1980-86).

‘Monument’ by S Tchoban // watercolour, pen, sepia-ink, 36x36cm, 1999

Dream images and visions are a source of inspiration that is translated into the language of modern architecture. Free drawing, like a tool, serves design as a way of playing in which the emerging forms are tested on the basis of initial and apparently abstract connections. The dramatics of space is the same – occupied by different actors.

— Sergei Tchoban

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