The Brave Drawn World of Bryan Cantley

The Brave Drawn World of Bryan Cantley

Bryan Cantley leads Form:uLA, an experimental design practice, whose work attempts to blur the undefined zone between architecture and its representation.



Cantley has lectured at a number of architecture schools internationally and locally, as well as the LA Forum for Architecture and Urban Design.

Imaginary Body and Sections of Imagination | FORM:ULA – Bryan Cantley.

He served as visiting faculty at SCI-Arc and Woodbury and conducted a graduate architectural drawing seminar at The Bartlett School of Architecture in London, where he also installed a solo exhibition in 2008.

His models and drawings are part of the permanent collection of the SFMOMA and he was a recipient of a Graham Foundation Grant in 2002.

Mechrucifix the “Mechrucifix” plays with the allegory of the [tattoo] owner’s religious background, using the imagery of the shrouded cross as a generator for mechanical tubing… both giving life and taking spiritual waste from the body…
Cantley has shown work in a number of institutions, including SFMOMA and UCLA, and was featured in Architectural Design’s special issues, “Drawing Strength From Machinery” in 2008 and “Drawing Architecture” in 2013.

Surface Topolgy Experiment- Form:uLA | Bryan Cantley, 2010

His first monograph, Mechudzu was published in 2011.


Learn more about Bryan Cantley here and follow his brilliant work on instagram | bcantl3y




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