“Playing city: Information bricolage” by Egor Orlov

“Playing city: Information bricolage” by Egor Orlov

“…Information bricolage, collected in seconds, forms the cities, opinions, and thoughts of citizens, becoming the language of new game space as a huge sandbox for games.

“…The city doesn’t incubate the spaces and consciously pushes them into new games, new dialogues, new transformations, by means of the ubiquitous Internet.

Such “translations” let collect the city from the slices located in different places of the Globe. The importance of such translations is great.

“…The territory of the modern megapolis stretches on huge territories, sometimes being an enclave of the neighbour being at enormous distances from it, its periphery or even the hub.

“…The city is a bricoler. It collects and sorts itself immediately, for only a few seconds, allocating itself with new meanings and interpretations. The internet gathered the speed of such representations of the city, allowing to take ingredients for “the preparation” of being in huge distances…”