Lichia Draws. . . beautifully!

Lichia Draws. . . beautifully!

Lichia Liu is an urban designer turned self-taught illustrator based in Toronto, Canada.



Lichia is also the founder and Creative Director of Gotamago, a stationery and gifts brand. She is fascinated by nature, animals, cities, and people interacting with their environments.
NathanPhillips by Lichia Liu
Echeveria by Lichia Liu
Hummingbird by Lichia Liu
Shercat_Holmes by Lichia Liu

Lichia’s work is a perfect balance of artistry and ingenuity. From nature to urban scenes, from objects to animals and people, her watercolours demonstrate a keen sense of composition, narrative, and skillful technique. She makes this uniquely challenging and unpredictable medium look so easy to handle.

NYC skyline by Lichia Liu
Market by Lichia Liu
HonestEds by Lichia Liu

For more about Lichia’s beautiful work visit her website and her studio

TorontoLines by Lichia Liu
Eiffel by Lichia Liu

Do not forget to follow her work on Instagram: @lichialiu

Flatiron by Lichia Liu |



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