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Composition IV, 1911 Wassily Kandinsky A to Z abstract existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence. [td_block_16 separator="" tag_slug="abstract," installed_post_types="post," limit="3" tdc_css=""]


The acanthus is a stylized decorative form based on the leaf of an acanthus plant. It is an integral element of Corinthian and Composite capitals but is also used as a discrete element or as […]


Acroteria is the sculpture/s – usually urns, palmettes or statues – placed on flat pedestals on top of a pediment. If the sculpture is placed at the outer angles of a pediment rather than at […]


Addorsed is a decorative moulding motif of two figures, usually, animals, placed back-to-back. When the figures are facing each other they are said to be ‘affronted’.

axonometric drawing

Axonometric is a paraline drawing of an axonometric projection, having all lines parallel to the three principal axes drawn to scale but diagonal and curved lines distorted.

Classical Orders

An order is the principal component of a Classical building, composed of a base, shaft, capital, and entablature. The five Classical orders are the ‘Tuscan’, ‘Doric’, ‘ Ionic’, ‘Corinthian’ and ‘Composite’, which all vary in size […]