An octagon is a plane figure with eight straight sides and eight angles also: regular octagon


In geometry, a tetrahedron, also known as a triangular pyramid, is a polyhedron composed of four triangular faces, six straight edges, and four vertex corners....

golden section

The division of a line so that the whole is to the greater part as that part is to the smaller part (i.e. in...


Non-uniform rational basis splines (NURBs) are curves and surfaces that introduce precision to the description of free-form surfaces. A NURBs curve is defined by its...

Voronoi diagram

A Voronoi diagram is the division of a space into contiguous neighbouring cells. The cells relate to a set of points ( Voronoi sites) in that...

Weaire-Phelan model

A regular assembly of two types of irregular polyhedral cells with twelve and fourteen faces, respectively, combined in the ratio or 2:6 in a...

Amman tiling

The Amman tiling is an aperiodic set of two tiles and a foursome of 'golden rhombohedra’, which form aperiodic tilings in three dimensions. The...

Vierendeel truss

The Vierendeel truss is one in which the numbers are not triangulated; the openings in the truss are polygonal, but not triangular. The frame has...


the external form, contours, or outline of something. also: shapes

irregular shape

A polygon that does not have all sides equal and all angles equal also: irregular polygon


a solid object with six square sides of equal size. variations: cube | cubes | cubic


an object shaped like a round ball. variations: sphere | spheres | spherical


a small, round mark on a line, plan, or map to show the position of something. variations: point | points


a flat or level surface that continues in all directions. variations: plane | planes | planar


a flat shape with four sides of equal length and four angles of 90° variations: square | squares