Architectural Inventions: Visionary Drawings


Architectural Inventions: Visionary Drawings

Born out of the online archive, Architectural Inventions presents a stunning visual study of impossible or speculative structures that exist only on paper.


Soliciting the work of architects, designers, and artists of renown –as well as emerging talents from all over the world –Maximilian Goldfarb and Matt Bua has gathered an array of works that convey architectural alternatives, through products, expansions, or critiques of our inhabited environments.

From abstract and conceptual visual interpretations of structures to more traditional architectural renderings, the featured work is divided into thematic chapters, ranging from ‘Adapt/Reuse’ to ‘Clandestine” ‘Mobile” ‘Radical Lifestyle’, ‘Techno-Sustainable’, and ‘Worship’.

Along with arresting and awe-inspiring illustrated content, every chapter also features an essay exploring its respective themes.

Highlighting visions that exist outside of established channels of production and conventions of design, Architectural Inventions showcases a wide scope in concept and vision, fantasy, and innovation.

About the Author(s)

Matt Bua is an installation artist who makes small-scale improvised buildings. His recent work tries to redefine and reimagine architecture. He has shown work internationally at various exhibitions and public spaces.

Maximilian Goldfarb is an interdisciplinary artist, producing site-derived works in various media. He has participated in numerous international exhibitions.

Quarterbinding | Approx. $40 US /// £19 UK | ISBN 10: 9781780670058 | 336 pp. | Laurence King | October 2012