Please stop making movies about architects!

The Architect Directed by Jonathan Parker | 2016

When a couple sets out to build their dream house, they enlist the services of a visionary modernist architect, whose soaring ideas are matched by only his ego. The woman is swept away by the uncompromising creative artist whose personality provides a stark contrast to her practical husbands. She is so taken she hardly notices the Architect is building HIS dream house.


As an architect, I have the job of transforming hopes and dreams into wood, glass, steel and concrete …

The opening gambit of our poetic protagonist in the trailer of Johnathan Parker’s upcoming movie “The Architect” taps into the romanticism of a profession that has long walked the line between legendary status and farce in popular culture. This visceral sound bite might sound like a promising introduction — perhaps the architect will play superhero this time, saving the day with design for beleaguered clients Colin and Drew (Eric McCormack and Parker Posey)?

Well, architects, if that’s what you are hoping for, prepare to be disappointed.

As the trailer unfolds, the supposed mystique of architect Miles Moss (James Frain) disintegrates into one of the most tired clichés the film industry has ever seen — and that is saying something when you consider the number of times architects have been parodied on the silver screen. — architizer