Wooden Skyscraper: Västerbroplan by C.F. Møller and Dinnell Johansson

HSB Stockholm – Sweden’s largest housing association turns 100 years old in 2023. By then an innovative and sustainable apartment building will have been completed in Stockholm city.

HSB 2023 – Västerbroplan - Wooden Skyscraper 3
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HSB 2023 – Västerbroplan by C.F. Møller and Dinnell Johansson /// Wooden Skyscraper, HSB Stockholm architectural competition /// Nuovo Centro Civico in Scandicci, Stockholm, Sweden /// 2013

For the Västerbroplan plot in the Marieberg district, Berg | C.F. Møller in collaboration with Dinell Johansson has drawn up plans for a 34-floor wooden apartment building. The building is designed around a wooden structure with stabilising concrete cores and will act as a new characteristic landmark and meeting place in the city.

HSB 2023 – Västerbroplan - Wooden Skyscraper 5
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Pillars and beams will be constructed using solid wood and inside the apartments all windows, ceilings and window frames will be made from wood, allowing the material to also be visible from the outside through the large windows.

HSB 2023 – Västerbroplan - Wooden Skyscraper 4
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Wood is the natural choice when it comes to materials for innovative residential development: It is an environmentally friendly and durable material which creates a comfortable and healthy indoor climate and you might be surprised to learn that the wooden structure also constitutes a very efficient protection against fire.

HSB 2023 – Västerbroplan - Wooden Skyscraper - drawing 1

Both social and environmental sustainability have been considered as part of this project: each apartment will be equipped with an energy-efficient glass-fronted balcony and the building it will receive energy from solar panels situated on the roof. At street level there will be a café and a nursery and, in a new neighbourhood building, all residents in the area will be able to enjoy a marketplace, gym and bicycle storage location. A shared winter garden will make allotments possible.

HSB 2023 – Västerbroplan - Wooden Skyscraper 2
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