Event space: Jyväskylä Music and Art Centre by OCEAN

OCEAN NORTH’s design for the Jyväskylä Music and Art Center commenced with the competition entry produced in 1997 [Phase 01] and continued with redesigning the project for the Venice Architectural Biennale 2004 [Phase 02]. Phase 02 retains the principle design ideas of the competition scheme while re-defining its geometric, spatial, material and ambient articulation. The project aimed for a differentiated event space and an extension of the landscaped town square into an acoustically animated interior landscape that caters for formal symphonic and orchestral events and art exhibitions, as well as for informal cultural activities. The lattice structure and surfaces that articulate the interior is derived through iterative growth processes informed by performance requirements.

Jyvaskyla centre

Jyväskylä Music and Art Centre by OCEAN and Achim Menges

The synergetic impact of the various systems working together was analysed in iterative steps. Digital structural and luminous performance analysis was conducted repeatedly in order to evaluate the emerging conditions and synergies between the various systems that make up the project. From the differential density and angular variation of the lattice systems and the varied distribution of sound-active elements, evolves a spatial and ambient differentiation of the scheme: a heterogeneous space, in which augmented spatial and ambient differentiation provide for choices between micro-environmental conditions that can provide for the time-specific individual requirements of inhabitants.

Jyvaskyla centre 2

The layered envelope consists of a transparent and reflective skin. Exterior and interior light conditions affect the layered gradients of reflection and transparency, which yield the perception of a boundless deep space. Directionality, density and layering of the lattices, and the surfaces and volumes that evolve from it result in the perception of a locally differentiated, yet vast space. — Achim Menges

Jyvaskyla centre 3

Since its acquisition in 2008 the project forms part of the permanent collection of the FRAC Centre (Fonds Regional d’ Art Contemporain du Centre) Orleans.

Jyvaskyla centre 1

Source/Credits: achimmenges.net