installation \\\ Geneva LUX 15 light installation by Brut Deluxe

Geneva LUX 15 light installation by Brut Deluxe

lux.lge is a light installation designed specifically for the light festival Geneva LUX by invitation and commission of the City. 48 chandelier-like light motives spread over Rue du Mont Blanc in an apparently random way. Though the light motives follow a scheme, each one is unique.

Architect’s Description: Our main interest while designing a light installation is the possibility of creating an artificial atmosphere that changes the perception of space. The artificial atmosphere evokes not only an intense personal experience but is also intended to manipulate how people move and interact in space by creating areas of different densities and altering colour schemes in order to perceive the installation differently at each point of view.

Our installations are generally inspired by, and recreate in abstract form, images in our personal reminiscence to give passers-by an intense atmospheric sensation that evokes these collective memories and experiences just by light.

Technical data/light motive: height: 4,00m | diameter:  0,60m to 2,50m | weight: 22kg | power: 580W

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