‘Field Rupture’ by VeeV Design

A sculptural installation by VeeV Design, entitled Field Rupture, rests upon the courtyard of a 1950s modern house in Berkeley Hills, California.

Field Rupture 3

Field Rupture by VeeV Design

Since the installation is applied over the topological surface, the shifting ground conceptually pushes the surface vertically, and, as the name implies, this action causes the surface to “rupture.” Using a laser cutter to produce the digital fabrication, the sheet metal formation seems to burst from the ground as a “figure of two planes pushing against one another.”

Field Rupture 7
Study Model © VeeV Design

DESIGN TEAM: Raveevarn Choksombatchai (principal), Robbie Crabtree, and Jeremy Steiner.

Field Rupture 6
Manufacturing © VeeV Design

Field Rupture 1

Field Rupture 5


Source/credits: VeeV Design