The disorientating polyhedral panoramic drawings of Rorik Smith

The Disorientating Polyhedral Panoramic Drawings of Rorik Smith /// Library, Corporation St.Wolff’s

The composition, executed on-site, prior to the relocation of the town library, is calculated to disorient, to convey a sense of uncertainty, while retaining a sense of sublime and overwhelming awe felt when faced with the sheer volume of information which libraries contain. Aiming to encapsulate the opportunity, absurdity and ultimate futility of attempting to make sense of it all.


. . . With reference to Borges; ”The Universe (which others call the Library) is composed of an indefinite, perhaps infinite number of hexagonal galleries… from any hexagon one can see the floors above and below” Borges, the Library of Babel, 2000, from Collected fictions, translated by Andrew Hurley, 1998 ” — Rorik Smith

transverse aspect
library plans & elevation
library plans & elevation