‘Augmented Skin’ by Doo + Miyamoto + Moudatsou

‘Augmented Skin’ by Youngseok Doo, Kazushi Miyamoto & Theodora Maria Moudatsou /// Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL /// GAD, Research Cluster 6

This project explores the design by unique crafting technique by wrapping sticks in stretchy fabric and utilizing them to cassette concrete.

This project proposes a design using a unique crafting technique which is a customised, low-budget casting process for the creation of intricate objects and building parts. This technique utilizes different materials that have opposite characteristics, such as solid stick and elastic fabric. The combination of the characteristics of these materials causes the resultant object is transmuting into an inimitable and unexpected shape. The purpose of casting is to capture the shape after it has been determined; casting also has a structural function.

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