‘Suspended Movement’ by Odile Decq

‘Suspended Movement’ by Odile Decq | 2011

10×10 Drawing the City, London // Re-examining the City – 10×10 London

Every day millions of people walk through the City of London. They walk past ancient landmarks, historic buildings and modern megaliths, but most of these architectural points of interest go unnoticed. To remedy this, “10×10” was created. A drawing event that sent 100 artists and architects out onto the streets of London to rediscover these beautiful, yet hidden and forgotten, details of the City.

Another thing that sets this event apart is the vast number of different ways that the artist and architects interpreted the brief, not only in what they choose to focus on but the mediums they choose to represent their work in. From watercolours, to sketches, to glass works, all of the works present a really varied picture of the City of London which very much represents The City itself.

A full gallery of the works is available here: 10x10london.com