Green Lantern House | Carlos García González

The “Green lantern house” takes advantage of the luminescent properties of some materials in order to generate a light accumulator to be used during the late hours of the day and reduce the energy consumption.

Green Lantern house | Carlos García González | 2012

Green Lantern House | CG Gonzalez

Featuring: The Green Lantern House by Carlos García González.

Carlos is a Spanish Architect and PhD Researcher at ETSAM, Madrid. He is currently developing his thesis entitled: “Atlas of Exodus“, whilst keeping with his busy work schedule. For more of his brilliant work, check


Green Lantern House | CG Gonzalez

This project develops this concept in an isolated housing placed in a hypothetical field but it is itself a possible system to be implemented in several details of generic construction processes.

Green Lantern House | CG Gonzalez

It is composed basically by two parts: one luminescent outer shell and one perforated inner volume.

Green Lantern House | CG Gonzalez

The luminescent outer shell is done by a metallic light structure that supports polycarbonate panels with a transparent varnish with photo luminescent properties in its cells. It generates a sort of green house that set up a first layer of protection and performs in different ways during hot and cold seasons thanks to the folding openings widely developed in many successful projects.
The space in the middle of both main pieces is an interesting courtyard in which expand the experience of the house living, including the roof of the inner box where we’ve designed a home garden.

Green Lantern House | Plan

The perforated inner volume is a unique space where some necessary functions of the housing take place on it. It is embedded in the ground to take advantage of soil constant temperature and its elevations are multi perforated so light from the outer shell can be introduce through its holes thereby generating a green atmosphere that provides enough clarity to develop some evening performances inside the house.

Green Lantern House | CG Gonzalez | section

The “Green Lantern house” is committed with the use of the energy obtained from the solar radiation, accumulating it in a outer shell through a transparent varnish with photo luminescent properties and emitting the light during evening to the inside and the outside of the house. There is an interesting feature of this varnish and it is that during day it is completely transparent, (ie it doesn´t exist during day), and it only lights during night.
The fireflies, some kind of fishes from the deep sea, some types of wood and certain minerals and metal sulfides, have the property of luminescence. The house “Green lantern” would remain to this kind of special kingdom in which magic and nature blend in a wonderful and useful gesture.

Program: Housing   |   Place: non-especified   |   Competition “More with less emissions”, UPM, Austrian Energy Agency, Schneider Electric and Intelligent Energy Europe program, May 2012, Accesit   |   Architects: Carlos García González, Alejandro Jesús González Cruz, Tomás Pineda Pérez

text and images kindly provided by Carlos Garcia González