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LakeForms is a project proposal by Futures North for the Minneapolis Creative City Challenge.

“Experience Minneapolis’s urban lakes as a digitally fabricated pavilion that emerges from the Convention Center plaza. Inside the pavilion, learn about the lakes’ ecology and summer uses in an immersive sensory environment, consisting of real-time audio and visual information collected from “smart buoys” installed in the city’s lakes.”

Project proposal

LakeForms is a dynamic interactive public pavilion that invites residents and visitors into the Convention Center plaza, where they can relax, explore and learn about Minneapolis’s urban lakes.  The pavilion is a digitally enhanced scale model of the lakes’ underwater topography.  Their individual topographies are inverted and joined together to create a single sweeping, curvilinear form that will be a striking and innovative architectural presence in downtown Minneapolis.  Using custom-built “smart buoys” deployed in the lakes to gather data, the interior of the pavilion is transformed into an information rich environment, featuring a light display and soundscape about the lake’s ecology and summer use.

“LakeForms responds to the site-specific and eco-focused themes of the Art in the Plaza: Creative City Challenge.  By symbolically bringing the lakes into the urban core, it realizes the city’s Convention and Visitors Association’s tagline, “City by Nature.”  Visitors will have a chance to physically relax upon and enter a rendition of the city’s urban lakes, which are the city’s heart.  The extension of the plaza lawn up into the pavilion structure draws attention to the city’s extensive green spaces and illustrates the city’s symbiotic relationship to nature. […]”

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