Labrys Frisae | Marc Fornes & Theverymany | 2011

Labrys Frisae | Marc Fornes & Theverymany | 2011
ART BASEL MIAMI | Indoor pavilion

MARC FORNES is a registered “Architecte DPLG” mixed with a fine connoisseur in computer science. Hidden under his label THEVERYMANY™ – – he is one of the leading figure in the development of computational protocols applied to the field of design and fabrication. He defines research and practice agenda as a quest for ”Explicit and Encoded”, “Precise Indetermination”, “Progressive Geometry” all seeking “Unconventional Futures”.

Custom computational protocols: Marc Fornes in Python/Rhinocommon
Overall size: 28′-10″ x 29′-9″ x 17′-5″
Holes: 202, 290
Rivets: 101, 145
Text: 12,584
Total Parts: 10,322
Weight: 1642lbs / 744kg
256 Sheets of Aluminum
74 Nodes
6 missing parts that had to be recut – 0.05% missing!
photo by Dustin Mattiza