Lattice Cube Sequence | Conrad Shawcross

Lattice Cube Sequence Conrad Shawcross | 2011
Medium: Aluminium, nylon and stainless steel.

Conrad Shawcross’ sculptural work often plays around with and manipulates the role of geometry and form. He develops a specific formula through w

hich he is able to address problems about three-dimensionality.
These four cube forms are characterised by their sense of duality, remaining both contained and exposed at the same time. Shawcross’ intricate and complex structures were once described by The Observer as “delicate looking outsize origami” (2009). Works from Shawcross’ ‘Lattices’ address notions of distortion and the role of the cellular unit. There is a specific relationship between these four forms that operates beyond a simple question about size or proportion.
There is a sense of methodology and mathematics that has clearly shaped how Shawcross has created these unique forms. His equal attention to detail and form is a theme which has dominated his practise.