‘Vision for Madrid Block’ by Zaha Hadid

Vision for Madrid Block by Zaha Hadid | 2012

Zaha Hadid, Beyond Boundaries, Art and Design, in Madrid
Ivorypress will be presenting the exhibition Zaha Hadid: Beyond Boundaries, Art and Design, as part of the annual architecture programme celebrated each autumn, which marks the beginning of the artistic season. The exhibition, opening on 4 September 2012, sets out a wide perspective of the artistic body of work of the architect Zaha Hadid (Baghdad, Iraq, 1950), which reflects her personal world-view.

The show, which can be visited until 3 November, offers a deep insight into Zaha Hadid’s career with almost one hundred works, which run the gamut from models and plans to installations, furniture or even domestic objects. In the words of the curator, Kenny Schachter, the exhibition sets out ‘a very democratic conception, non-hierarchical in structure, where a building is seen in the same light and with the same import as a spoon’.
In this way, the selection of pieces on show includes oil paintings on canvas created by the architect in the 80s and 90s, including The World (89 Degrees) and the project for the Vitra Fire Station, created in 1983 and 1991 respectively. Zaha Hadid’s most recent production will also be present, with projects, drawings and models, such as The Peak Block 2012, which show the evolution of her work.