Suspended Movement | Odile Decq

Suspended Movement Odile Decq | 2011
10×10 Drawing the City | London
Re-examining the City – 10×10 London
Every day millions of people walk through the City of London. They walk past ancient landmarks, historic buildings and modern megaliths, but most of these architectural points of interest go unnoticed. To remedy this, “10×10” was created. A drawing event that sent 100 artists and architects out onto the streets of London to rediscover these beautiful, yet hidden and forgotten, details of the City. The works that were created were then auctioned in aid of Article 25 on December 1st at the stunning German Gymnasium at Kings Cross raising over £82,000 for the charity. Together the works formed a truly distinctive and dynamic collection presenting a unique re-interpretation of the familiar fabric of the City. What made this event so fascinating is that it gave some of the designers of the City collaborating in the event an opportunity to turn their gaze back to the built environment that they helped to create. Many of the artists and architects commented that 10×10 is a celebration of the distinctive and fast changing nature of the Square Mile of London, with many of them discovering buildings they had not noticed before when they were just walking past. Tim Makower, who along with Stephen Taylor can be credited with the genesis of the event, commented that it made you really see the city and notice a great deal more, rather than just looking at it. The drawing took place on the weekend of the 8th of October, where reporters and photographers had the opportunity to see the artists and architects in situ. Some of the contributors included Lord Norman Foster, Pierre D’Avione, Odile Decq, Peter Murray, Norman Ackroyd, Hanif Kara, Kathryn Findlay, Angela Brady, Sunand Prasad, David Adjaye, Sir Jeremy Dixon, Sir Jeremy Dixon, Professor Sir Colin Stansfield Smith, Dominique Perrault, Eric Parry, Alan Stanton, John McAslan, Ian Ritchie, Niall McLaughlin, Ted Cullinan, Graham Morrison, Maxwell Hutchinson, CJ Lim, as well as British designer, writer and television presenter Kevin McCloud. Another thing that sets this event apart is the vast number of different ways that the artist and architects interpreted the brief, not only in what they choose to focus on but the mediums they choose to represent their work in. From watercolours, to sketches, to glass works, all of the works present a really varied picture of the City of London which very much represents The City itself. A full gallery of the works is available here: