Berlin ArtsPark | Mina Gospavic

BERLIN ARTSPARK Mina Gospavic | Berlin | Unit 21 | 2012

“The introductory project explores an early cinematic portrayal of one of Berlin’s busiest urban nodes, Potsdamerplatz, in Moholy-Nagy’s film ‘Berlin Still Life’. Narrating the city through a hand held camera, Moholy-Nagy stitches unique spatial compositions of Potsdamerplatz. A scene in this film is sampled to explore his experience anachronistically – extracting the inferred reflection of moving crowds across a steel clad roof – to spatialise, temporise and thus (re)narrate his experience as new forms in space. Subsequently, contemporary Berlin is addressed by its cinematically priviledged overground railway the S-Bahn Linie 5, in which my repetitive photographic documentation of my subjective experience of the city intersects that of another – a cyclical photography of a resident located opposite the observed area. In the intersection of these two subjective experiences, lies the architectural intervention of an Artspark which extracts the geometries of these views structurally and spatially into into a landscape of performance areas, outdoor galleries and public spaces. The architecture of the Artspark infers to both view points of conception and extends our subjective experiences of the city in the experience of its alternative form- ultimately constructing new and authentic civic images for the city of Berlin.”