‘Rock It Suda’ by Moon Hoon

‘Rock It Suda’ by Moon Hoon /// Gangwon-do, Korea, 2010

Rock It Suda is a name for the pension and its concept. The client is a base guitarist, a member of the amateur rock group named Rock It Suda. On regular basis, they perform live, at the pension.

The site has a dry river, and an open view in front, and the other sides are, surrounded by the mountain range. The 6 ways of capturing the beautiful scenery gave birth to spatial contraction, expansion, and compression, then themes such as Spain, Barbie, Stealth+Ferrari, cave, and Korean traditional house were added.

Play architecture is born, when giant soft hammock, shaped like tails are attached to hard secured architecture. It is hoped that, the wind, and movement made by people playing in the hammock, expresses the desire that architecture is not secure and unmoving.

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