The Lost City | James-Rennie

The Lost City James-Rennie
“A foreign man is lost, he wanders the system, his movement is arbitrary, he finds himself in a space that is dissimilar to spaces he has experienced in the past. The surfaces seem to speak to him, perhaps pull him in. He feels the dry surface of a decomposed concrete wall, as he does this he feels as if he is pushing through the surface, whether this is a physical or a mental movement he can not tell. `A dense and surreal mechanism that laced knowledge into him, showed him paths out of the city. He considered with these strands of tactile information that he could stay lost. This new system was rich but incomplete. It had been sectioned and cut and split by a new system. He felt there was a lost energy something that may help develop this surface into spaces. If he could stay lost, he could find the lost machine and connect or thread it to the spaces.”